What is hair removal? Epilation is the removal of hair and hair from the body temporarily or permanently. There are hair roots all over the body. Since many of these cause discomfort to people, their elimination is the healthiest, both psychologically and in terms of self-care. There are many types of hair removal. Laser applications are the most popular today. Eskişehir ice laser epilation is painless compared to normal laser applications because of the ice at the tip of the apparatus. Hair problems are at the center of our lives. You can completely remove the constantly growing hairs from your life.

You can lead a comfortable life without the hassle of hair growth. One of the most effective methods, Eskişehir ice laser epilation is painless and painless. Compared to other methods, effective results are obtained in a shorter time. There is a chance to be applied in all seasons.

How Many Sessions Does Ice Laser Hair Removal Take?

The number of sessions may vary, depending on the person's hair structure and root density. It usually gives results between 4 and 6 weeks. Since 3-wave laser technology is used and thanks to the cold ice cap, pain is not felt during the application. Laser beams do not burn your skin. With caps suitable for many skin types, special application options are offered for you. This technology prevents their re-formation by burning the hair follicles. Thus, you will have smooth skin. You will get the best results in a short time at Eskişehir ice laser epilation center.

Working with new generation technological devices. In Which Areas Is Ice Laser Epilation Applied? It can be applied to any area except eyebrows and hair, such as legs, arms, armpits, chest, genital area, abdomen, face, bikini area, back. It is very effective with its superior shooting performance. There is no age limit for ice laser hair removal. Even if your hair follicles are very thin, the device sees this and ensures smooth application.

The best part of Eskişehir ice laser epilation is that, unlike other laser epilations, you can go out in the sun after the application. After epilation applications, the skin exposed to the sun reacts and causes stain formation. But you will not encounter such a problem with ice laser epilation. You can experience the ice laser pleasure by contacting our center. You can make an appointment by making an appointment. Our experts will assist you in the best way possible.


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