What is Silk Lash?

It is the state of combining false eyelashes made of silk with special adhesives one by one on one's own eyelashes. The eyelash design that is suitable for your eyelash structure is made and the process is carried out with medical adhesives. It takes up to 1 hour. No discomfort is felt after the application. It is quite light as it is made of silk. It does not cause allergies and products with no side effects are used during the procedure. In order for you to have a fascinating look with its natural appearance, it is sufficient to contact our center. Silk eyelashes, which have a 90-day usage period, need to be maintained at regular intervals.

The beauty of your eyes can stand out even without make-up. Longer and thicker eyelashes strengthen your expression. You can definitely imagine lashes made of silk, soft in texture and ergonomic, without sacrificing your naturalness. In Eskişehir silk eyelash center, the application is made by people who know the job who can help you. Since silk eyelashes are attached one by one, you can get help from our salon for removal and maintenance. Using too much eye make-up and oily cleansers or creams used while removing them can damage your eyelashes.

Even with care, having the procedure done in amateur salons can cause you to lose your own eyelashes. You can talk to our experts and ask what you have in mind and you can contact us on any subject. It is useful to use the silk eyelashes that you have designed together with your wishes carefully and not to neglect the care. Eyelashes that you can use in all seasons add convenience to your life. Thanks to the eye-catching silk eyelashes, you can experience a natural process without the need for eye make-up.

Who Can Use Silk Lash?

Anyone who does not have any health problems in their eyes can use Eskişehir silk eyelash application.

Those who do not like their eyelashes or think that they are short can have silk eyelashes. Those who want to have more curved eyelashes can also perform this process.

Things to Consider After Application

Sleeping in the prone position can damage your silk eyelashes. It is useful to pay attention to this while lying down. Various eyelash styling tools can damage silk eyelashes with soft texture. It is necessary to avoid excessive use of mascara after application.

It is not right to wear too much eye make-up. During the cleaning process, both your own eyelashes and silk eyelashes can be deformed. While the transaction is being performed, all information is transmitted to you by our team.




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